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Mark Henry Ham

Mark has been performing and songwriting for years with his music covering multiple genres of Acoustic, Country, Americana, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, and Pop. He prides himself on playing variations of music styles and creating close-knit harmonies. Mark adds rhythm guitar, harmonica and occassional piano riffs to songs bringing out energy and expression.
Check out Mark's latest album release: Casper
Mark performs as a solo artist or with the Acoustic Duo/Band On The Flip Side
For booking contact: hammy8250@gmail.com


Reviews about Mark Henry Ham and On The Flip Side

Our good friends On The Flip Side will be performing here on our 10th anniversary day May 13th. We cannot thank them enough for the love, support and the good vibes they bring! It’s always great to be a part of a local connection and they’ve been coming here for years as our guests and it wasn’t until a couple years ago we partnered up in offering live entertainment with many evenings of great rock. They’ve brought joy to so many in the neighborhood!

Eugene Kahng

Colorado Plus Brew Pub

Mark and Victor are so incredibly talented! Their music has a creative spin on crowd favorites. But let me tell you, these two guys emit such a great energy and are such a blast to have around! I wish they lived in town so we could have them play at Ramblebine Brewing more often! Absolutely love these two and will continue to book them as long as they allow us! Five out of Five Stars would recommend for your next event!

Nicole DeSalle

Ramblebine Brewing

Thank you so much for all that you have done for the restaurant. You always bring great crowds, the music and volume are fantastic, and we absolutely love your significant others! I wish you nothing but the best in the future and hope to see you perform again.

Kristin Bigford

Roots Colorado