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Mark Henry Ham

Mark has been performing and songwriting for years with his music covering multiple genres of Acoustic, Country, Americana, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, and Pop. He prides himself on playing variations of music styles and creating close-knit harmonies. Mark adds rhythm guitar, harmonica and occassional piano riffs to songs bringing out energy and expression.
Check out Mark's latest album release: Casper
Mark performs as a solo artist or with the Acoustic Duo/Band On The Flip Side
For booking contact: hammy8250@gmail.com


Reviews of the album "Casper"

At the focal point of these tracks is Ham’s trailblazing vocals. He is able to manipulate his voice to fit the setting of each track, making no track the same. He takes command from the start and listeners can feel his stage presence from the beginning as he reels you in with great showmanship. Not only that, but the band also comes in, handling all their parts perfectly. The music is at times warm and reflective but definitely a blast from start to finish... Read More

My Nyugen

Pitch Perfect

Casper will inspire you to embrace whatever life has to offer you. There’s a magic to Mark Henry Ham’s lyrics that inspire you to keep going. Casper is an incredibly exciting milestone for Ham as an artist. It has me wondering what he’s going to do next, what stories he’ll tell, and what new genre’s he may explore. Whether Ham is singing about love, going home, or waiting for life to align he seems to speak to the core of everyone... Read More

Chadwick Easton

Melody Maker

Mark Henry Ham is a masterful lyricist and musician, as his words paint pictures of towns, people, and stories that feel as real as ever. There’s enough imagery and emotion in Ham’s voice to truly give each listener a uniquely different experience, too, as Casper ties itself to the world through each listener’s own life experiences. The title track “Casper” is an especially poignant moment for the record as it captures life in a small town so eloquently. Mark Henry Ham brings a great deal of humanity to Casper, and this same sense of emotional certainty helps the less obviously-emotional tracks soar just the same... Read More

Rachel Townsend

The Spotted Cat